This mini sea kayak with a flat planing hull does a little of everything: sea touring, surfing,
rock gardening, working out, "cheater" rolling, and camping.

The flat planing hull, or as I like to call it, "the maximum low chine," is more than just for surfing.
It maximizes the buoyancy footprint to allow for a compact design and improves tracking.


Length: 11', 9", width: 21 1/2", depth at front of cockpit: 10", depth at rear of cockpit: 6 1/2",
maximum paddler size: 6', 2" tall and 180 lbs.


The flat planing hull (bow view).


It's not going to win any races or surfing contests, but it's pure fun to paddle, and the rougher the better.


Almost as much foot room as the Point Bennett and space for camping gear in the front hatch.


Low rear deck for easy lay-back rolls and space for camping gear in the rear hatch.


Don't need no stinkin' saddles!

Video of Duane hand rolling the Mini Benny. Video by Mark Sanders.

The instructions for building the Mini Benny are online at the link below. You may use the instructions to build your own kayak for non-commercial purposes.

The Point Bennett Sea Kayak
Building the Mini Benny

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